Pattern bobusang
Design by
Johan Kim. / Ink Keem.
/ Sohee Kim. / Yeojoon Yoon.
Kim. X Designer 2021
Branding / Internal

Pattern bobusang is a pattern brand consisting of CEO Ink keem, creative director Johan Kim, and main staff Sohee Kim and Yeojoon Yoon. The brand core value has a new way of creating patterns and low entry hurdles for consumers. Kim's sub-brands work on a variety of patterns and graphics, as well as client work and in-house hardware creation.
Pattern works are updated on Instagram. Inspired by various things in everyday life and expressed graphically. Through the 2021 slowpoke calender project, we have shared our calendar with several clients. We continue to expand our brand presence through various projects, client work, and collaborations.


Construction pattern / Graphic

Pattern Bobusang's first pattern Construction pattern was inspired by the fabric on a building under construction near the house. The pattern was created by focusing on the appearance of a piece of fabric, which was cut into squares at regular intervals and cut off three sides, being blown by the wind to create empty spaces of different shapes.

Frame 20.jpg

Pattern bobusang's second pattern, Wiggle wiggle pattern, graphically expresses the sense of movement felt in words. Through free-form lines, the height felt in words was expressed. By distorting the circle and placing it repeatedly, it showed a sense of movement from the overall sense of speech.

Frame 25.jpg

Circle to Flow pattern / Graphic

Pattern bobusang's third pattern, Circle to Flow pattern, was inspired by various types of flow through repetition and variation of circles.

We placed the circles in duplicate to create a pattern that looks like waves collide. By-products such as waves hitting through lines and surfaces were emphasized as point elements.

Slowpoke project / Graphic, Hardware

Frame 29.png

The Slowpoke calender project is a snail-inspired calendar project. It's a new semester calendar that came out a bit late called'It's late but it's still a calendar'.

Frame 30.png