Baghug chair / Furniture
Design by Johan Kim.

/ Ink keem. with Tuvi
Experimental Line 2020
Furniture / Internal

Baghug chair solves the problems faced by people who come to cafes to work or study. Consumers who come to work or study leave their luggage in the seat next to them. This will reduce the seats of the next consumers, and the cafes will have no choice but to miss the seats due to the lack of seats. With this problem, Baghug chair is a chair that allows everyone in the space to feel satisfaction by putting their luggage in the seat.


Baghug chair / Furniture

Each of the two-story bars has its own role. The bar at the top serves as a back support, providing a soft support for the back when working. When working in a tense posture, it is pushed back a little more than the tip of the buttocks to avoid discomfort. The bar at the bottom is a storage bar, which allows users to easily insert and remove items such as bags and clothes. It is located at the rear of the back bar, so it does not feel a foreign body when leaning against the back in a comfortable position. A tray is placed at the bottom of the seat so that the working space can be used more organized.