Pouring lamp / Object
Design by Seoho Park.

/ Johan Kim.
Experimental Line 2021
Object / External

For private client

Put light in a glass, like water.

I thought there were too many lights in the house these days. Therefore, I wanted to design a lamp that can be used according to the situation and reduce excessiveness by combining stand lights and mood lights. As soon as I wanted to make the transition of stand lights and moods in a more iconic way, I remembered pouring water and drinks, and I came up with a gyroscope-type lamp that can change light according to the slope.


Pouring Lamp / Object

When I saw people concentrate on water or drinks, I applied this scene as a stand light because it was similar to what I looked like when I was working. On the contrary, when it is in a glass, I think it resembles the situation when I talk or use a mood lamp, so I designed it to be used as a mood lamp when I set it up. I also wanted to implement a gradated look of cocktail or ade, judging that the glass-inspired form would be intuitive.